Africa in Motion

Senegal SellyRabyKane
Braids on a bald head
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FF2015 RodZegwiDanPikan2
28th October
6th November
Film Still A place For Myself
Still 4
christopher kirkley
Senegal SellyRabyKane

Board of Trustees

Gerhard Anders: Lecturer in African Studies, Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh

Lizelle Bisschoff: Africa in Motion fim festival founder, Lecturer in Film Studies, University of Glasgow

Graham Campbell: Network Development Coordinator, African Caribbean Cultures Glasgow

Olumide Fadeyibi: Filmmaker

Joanna Keating: Head of International Development Team at Scottish Government

Jacqueline Maingard: Reader in Film, University of Bristol

David Murphy: Professor, School of Languages, Cultures and Religions, University of Stirling

David Sorfa: Senior Lecturer in Film Studies, University of Edinburgh 

Peter West: Malawi's Honorary Consul in Scotland

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