Africa in Motion

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Listen Mother cast Zeinab Rahal 00094922
28th October
6th November
An ordinary blue monday 1
TV Lounge
Omar Affif
Diek Grobler ek sal sterf en na my vader gaan Breyten

Festival people

Festival People

Festival Manager: Justine Atkinson
Assistant Festival Manager: Deborah May
Festival Founder and Advisor: Lizelle Bisschoff
Programme and Volunteer Coordinator: Lauren Clarke
Web Development: James Cocker
Hospitality Coordinator: Sara Shaarawi
Trailer and Cover Design: Diek Grobler
North Africa Programme Consultant: Stefanie Van de Peer
Graphic Designer: Jamie Young
Reviving Scotland’s Black History Programmers: Alasdair Campbell, Tinofara Fombe, Wacera Kamonji, Jo Reid
Short Film and Documentary Competitions Submissions and Selections Team: Rohan Berry Crickmar, Finn Daniels-Yeomans, Letty David, Grant Halliday, Erika Rodríguez Horrillo, Cassandra Schreiber

Special thanks go to all our volunteers whose commitment to the festival is crucial to its success.


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