Dark Horizons 2021

Adam Murray / UK / English / Rating 15 / World Premiere

Dark Horizons


Dystopia or Utopia?
Representations of Horror and Hope: BIPOC and The Dread of Climate Change and Environmental Collapse On Screen.

A film essay that explores a decades-long obsession that genre cinema has had with notions of; ‘the end of the world’, environmental collapse and environmental concerns, usually framed against the BIPOC assumed/lived experience. As well as the absence, and/or presence of Black and Brown bodies on screen, clashing against western notions of capitalism and progress, is utopian or dystopian, for whom and what outcomes? From great apocalyptically biblical tidal waves to notions of blood purity and miscegenation, technophobia, the fear of borders both real and imagined, the fear of corporations and the nuclear bomb, to toxic waste, borders and land rights, genre cinema has always had a thirst to speculate about race, environment, and the end times for better or for worse…

Upcoming Showings

Friday 29th October 2021 / 7:30pm for 17 days / Online

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