Paradise Engines 2021

Clementine E. Burnley / UK / 5 mins / English, German / Rating U / World Premiere

Paradise Engines


*Please note, this film is available to view in the UK region only. If you would like to watch all 3 poetry films together, click here*

Paradise Engines, reimagines the familiar geographies of cities and landscapes from the point of view of the creatures who inhabit it in an era many are calling the Anthropocene. If humans are the major force for change on the planet, how might we bring about a paradise?

In doing so, the film grapples a number of questions: What drives the human desire for the new, the modern, the exotic? What drives the engines of growth? What if we only find the things we can recognise? What if we changed our way of looking at the past? What are the possibilities created once humans think of themselves as only one species among many others? What if rivers and mountains had personhood? What might happen if humans ceded our place at the top of the food chain, and other natural elements, like rivers and mountains had primacy instead? What if instead of looking for safety in nationhood and citizenship, we honoured everything we share the planet with? What might we find in the process? And what might a paradise engine look like?


Past Showings

Friday 15th October 2021 / 7:30pm for 17 days / Online

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About the Director

Clementine E. Burnley is a feminist migrant mother, writer and community organiser. She lives in Edinburgh. Her work has appeared in Parabola Magazine, the National Flash Fiction Anthology and The Centifictionist. She’s a 2021 Sky Arts Award Winner. She is an alumna of Obsidian Foundation and a 2021 Edwin Morgan Second Life Grantee.

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