Inner Visions: Original Audiovisual Music Films 2021

Gabriella Liandu, Nova Scotia The Truth / UK / 10 mins / English / Rating PG / World Premieres

Inner Visions: Original Audiovisual Music Films


We are delighted to present two audiovisual commissions inspired by films from our music strand, Setting Pace. The musicians selected are Nova Scotia The Truth and Gabriella Liandu. Join us in celebrating these two young Black female artists, enjoy the world premieres of both pieces, and hear about their creative process. To watch the Q&A session with the musicians about their inspiration and creative process, click here.

This year Africa in Motion presents a new addition to our event series, Inner Visions, drawing reference to the great Stevie Wonder’s renowned album, we are bringing to the fore the inner visions of young people around the UK who are looking to get involved in the creative sector, this event series has particular focus on music and film and the ways in which they complement one another. This event series was conceived and curated by Josh Kilimanjaro, Programme Coordinator for Africa in Motion by day and music producer and DJ by night. Josh joined the AiM team through Film Hub Scotland’s New Promoter Scheme to help connect young creatives with African Film across the UK. There are two more events in this series:

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