As part of a focus on re-evaluating “lost” films from the African continent, Africa in Motion and the University of Glasgow focus on children and young people, and on their media literacy. Giving young people and their educators an insight into the history of African cinema in a fun and responsible way, has so far lead to wonderfully productive collaborations with education officers in cinemas around the UK, and school teachers in Scotland. Linked to the films in the workshops and the screenings, AiM also created two very useful teaching resources, with lesson plans and exercises that aim to enhance a deeper understanding of the diversity in the UK.


As a Scottish organisation, AiM is devoted to the Year of Young People 2018, and uses this nationwide context to further its focus on children and young people’s media literacy. At the same time, AiM is devoted to increasing dialogue and exchange between diverse groups of the population in Scotland and the UK. Film is the pre-eminent medium for children and young people to confront complex issues in their socio-cultural surroundings, and we believe that film is an audio-visual medium that can educate the young directly on diversity in the UK.

Joanna Brown CPD


Download our teaching resources here:

Britains-History-of-Race-Relations.pdf (to accompany the films Rage and Jemima and Johnny)

Classic-African-Animation.pdf  (to accompany a range of African animation films)