The Psychosis of Whiteness + Discussion Event

Eugene Nulman | UK 2018 | 1h25m | English | 15

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The Psychosis of Whiteness + Discussion

The Psychosis of Whiteness sheds light on society's perceptions of race and racism by exploring cinematic representations of the slave trade. The video essay takes an in-depth look at big-budget films that focus on the transatlantic slave trade and, using a wealth of sources and interviews, it argues that these depictions are metaphoric hallucinations about race. Rather than blaming the powerful institutions that are responsible for slavery, these films rewrite history by praising those same institutions for abolishing the slave trade.

Join us for a discussion with director Dr Eugene Nulman, Professor of Black Studies Kehinde Andrews and lecturer in Gender and Politics Dr Shan-Jan Sarah Liu. The discussion will be hosted by historian Dr Edson Burton on Monday 9 November at 7pm live on the Festival of Ideas Crowdcast page.
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This event is held in partnership with Festival of Ideas

*It will also be recorded and uploaded to our Facebook page and Vimeo channel after the event. 

Critics Circle Piece

Notes Unbound is our platform for up-and-coming African and Black diaspora film critics and journalists from around the globe to deepen their knowledge of African cinema. Sharon Thomas wrote about critical discursive elements explored in Nulman and Andrews' film Five Symptoms in Need of a Cure.


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