Kmêdeus 2020

Nuno Miranda | Cape Verde 2020 | 55m | Portuguese with English subtitles | 15

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This is the intriguing story of a mysterious homeless eccentric called Kmêdeus (EatGod) who lived on the island of São Vicente, Cape Verde. To some, he was a lunatic, to others an artist, but to all, he was and still is a mystery. António Tavares, an important contemporary dancer from Cape Verde, made an exceptional performance piece based on the life and inner worlds of Kmêdeus. He takes us on a trip through his hometown of Mindelo, the island's music and films, and the celebration of its annual carnival. The film thus becomes a search for the roots of one of the oldest Creole communities in the world. Kmêdeus was made by the Cape Verdean film collective Negrume.

Staff Pick

Festival director Liz Chege selected Kmêdeus as her special staff pick of the 2020 AiM edition.

I was moved by the way the film expresses the shared experience of Africans across the continent to grasp at ancestral memory and find a path of our own untainted by colonial pasts. This choreography of past and present while mitigating the challenges of the now, is beautifully expressed by Tavares' performances and passion for self-discovery.

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Past Showings

Thursday 12th November 2020 / 7.30pm / Online

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