Discussion on Inter-Faith Communities 2021


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Discussion on Inter-Faith Communities

On Friday 30th April, 18:30, join us for a conversation about inter-faith communities, post-colonial migrations and displacement. The discussion will be hosted by Dr Awol Allo. Details of the Zoom link will be included in your ticket. Tickets are free, but registration is required. To sign up, click on our Eventbrite page here.



Dr Yolande Cohen is a professor of Contemporary History at the Université of Québec in Montréal and is the former president of the Academy of Arts and Humanities of the Royal Society of Canada. She holds several honours -  from the National Order of Quebec, the highest order in Québec and the Legion of Honour, the highest order of Civilian merit in France. She has published extensively on women and gender history in Québec and Canada and has been working on the history of Morrocan Jews since the 1980’s: this includes works on Sephardi Jews in Québec and Moroccan Jews in Montréal, Montréal.She is currently working on their post-colonial migrations and circulations between Morocco, France, Israël and Canada.

Dr Ophira Gamliel is a lecturer in Theology & Religious Studies and specialises in South Asian Religions. She is interested in the history of connections and exchanges between religions and regions, communities and generations. She studied and taught Sanskrit and Malayalam in Jerusalem and in Germany, and studies semantic bleaching in various languages, including Hebrew. Her research also includes documentation and preservation of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, environmental humanities and climate change adaptation and transformation.

Dr Awol Allo studied law in Addis Ababa and is now a senior lecturer in law at the University of Keele. He is chair of the Equality and Diversity Committee at Keele University, and is a Fung Global Fellow at Princeton University. His research and teaching interests are in the areas of critical social & legal theory, political theory, human rights, rule of law, transitional justice, democratization, the African Union, constitutional theory, and post-colonial studies. He examines the tension between the normative and the performative in law and argues that the normative in law is merely a metaphysical placeholder for the performative.

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Friday 30th April 2021 / Online

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