Discussion: Women Hold Up The Sky Event


Discussion: Women Hold Up The Sky

Live panel discussion about documentary Women Hold Up The Sky, screening as part of our programme We Get Shot With Silent Bullets

We are joined by filmmaker, journalist and author Yaba Badoe, who was one of the directors of the film; Salomé EloloExecutive Director of Femmes Solidaires (FESO) a feminist movement organisation based in the DRC that was instrumental in the film's production; and Communications & Solidarity Coordinator Maggie Mapondera from WoMin African Alliance

The panellists will discuss the film, and work of women activists fighting against extractives across the African continent. The discussion will be moderated by Scotland-based social justice activist Yvonne Blake from MORE Glasgow.

The panel will be streamed live directly to this event page. It will also be uploaded to our Vimeo page after the event.


Past Showings

Sunday 22nd August 2021 / 6-7pm / Online

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This event is part of our programme We Get Shot With Silent Bullets (20 - 22 August).