Women Hold Up The Sky 2020

Yaba Badoe, Sharon Farr and Nelson Makengo / South Africa, Uganda & DRC / 2020 / 35m / English, Kikongo, Lingala, French, Zulu, Runyoro-Rutooro, Swahili, Runyankore-Rukiga and Lugungu with English subtitles / 12

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Produced by WoMin African Alliance, Women Hold Up The Sky tells the story of how women activists affected by mining and other forms of large-scale extractives in South Africa, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are deeply engaged in resistance and an active struggle to take back control of their land, their rights, their bodies and their lives.

Journeying between these three countries, this short film reveals the experiences and activism of women in three African countries, but tells a much bigger story of the ongoing exploitation of natural resources and marginalisation of poor communities, particularly women.

Content warning: sexual violence

Join us on Sunday 22 August at 6pm for a live discussion about the film and the work of women activists fighting against extractives across the African continent. 

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Sunday 22nd August 2021 / 12pm - for 48 hours / Online

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