Apply for the New Promoter post!

5th July 2021


We are delighted to partner with FIlmhub Scotland on the New Promoters scheme which offers a paid opportunity for those who’d like to better understand how to programme films for audiences in the exhibition sector. No industry experience required, just a love of films!
The New Promoters scheme aims to increase the number of marginalised people programming films for cinemas, festivals and venues within Scotland. This includes those marginalised due to race, gender, sexuality, age, class, and disability. This comes from a recognition that these identities are not adequately represented within the Scottish screen industry.

Each candidate will work for one organisation but have the opportunity to meet and engage with others taking part in the scheme through workshops and social meetings (where possible). You will be supported to show films and create events, learn about distributor negotiations, screening formats, film transport, venue selection, audience development and how to create an effective marketing campaign. 

In addition, training from film industry experts will be provided in selecting and showing films, creating and running events, organising festivals and marketing.

Deadline for applications 5pm Monday 12 July.