Bakosó: Afrobeats de Cuba Film

Eli Jacobs-Fantauzzi | Cuba/US 2019 | 49m | 15


What does ‘Está Rico’ by Marc Anthony, Will Smith & Bad Bunny have in common with ‘Made For Now’ by Janet Jackson x Daddy Yankee? They both hijacked Afrobeats and did not give the genre’s origin props. Bakosó is a film that does the opposite, following DJ Jigüe to his hometown of Santiago de Cuba to find inspiration from the new sounds. He finds Afrobeats has helped create a new genre called Bakosó, which itself is beautiful proof that the exchange between Cuba and Africa did not end with the Transatlantic slave trade. Through stunning visuals and a score created by the founders of the genre, the film shows the technology, culture and landscape that shape this African-Caribbean fusion.


The film will be followed by live Cuban music and a dance class from the folks at Caledonia Worldwide.

Bring your dancing shoes! This evening is kindly sponsored by Caledonia Worldwide with live music from by Wilder Mesa and dance class by Yamil Ferrera.

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