EUphoria Film

Black Speaks Back | Belgium 2018 | Dutch, English, French and Romanian with English subtitles | 24m | 15



This experimental Afrofuturist musical short follows five individuals from the Africa diaspora who are trying to survive through Europe’s steep decline. With Africa cut off from the world by a mysterious forcefield, Europe is lost without the natural resources and cheap labour it needs to prosper. The actors sing to Africa, sing to each other, and sing to themselves in ways that create solidarity and community in an alienating society.

This film is screening as part of the Short Film Competition and Our Stories

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Past Showings

Edinburgh / Thu 31 Oct 2019 / 6.30pm
Sliding scale / The Space - Edinburgh / Book Now

Edinburgh / Mon 28 Oct 2019 / 7.15pm
Grassmarket Community Centre

Glasgow / Mon 28 Oct 2019 / 7pm
Sliding scale / Glasgow University - Andrew Stewart Cinema / Book Now