Kings Of Mulberry Street Film

Judy Naidoo | South Africa 2019 | 1h30m | 12A


When Baboo moves from Johannesburg to Sugarhill with his snooty, academic dad, he quickly befriends boisterous Ticky. Obsessed with Bollywood, outgoing Ticky is the polar opposite of quiet Baboo, traversing the town’s rooftops as he sings songs from the movies he loves. But both boys are drawn together in the fight against local crime boss Raja and inspired by their action movie heroes, they plot together to defeat him. A classic tale of good versus evil, Kings of Mulberry Street is a joyous film about friendship and growing up.

Past Showings

Edinburgh / Sat 2 Nov 2019 / 6.30pm
Filmhouse / Book Now

Glasgow / Fri 1 Nov 2019 / 12:30pm
Sliding Scale / Garnethill Multicultural Centre