Fanon hier, aujourd'hui (Fanon Yesterday, Today) Film

Hassane Mezine | Algeria/France 2018 | English, Arabic, French with English subtitles | 1h27m | 15

Fanon hier, aujourd'hui (Fanon Yesterday, Today)


The legacy of the famous West Indian intellectual Frantz Fanon is examined in this documentary through the stories of those who knew him personally and by those who have been inspired by his work. Fanon’s influence as a leader in highlighting the importance of decolonisation for African people can be felt through the moving words of activists, academics, artists and his family. Director Hassane Mezine moves between past and present to show us the impact that Fanon has had within social justice decolonising movements such as #RhodesMustFall and #FeesMustFall.

The University of Edinburgh’s decolonial collective UncoverED will join us after the screening for a conversation about the importance of decolonising institutions and how we can begin to do so. Members of the group will reflect on their personal and collective need for decolonisation while inviting the audience to do the same.


Past Showings

Edinburgh / Sun 3 Nov 2019 / 5.45pm
Filmhouse / Book Now