Forward Ever: The Killing of a Revolution Film

Bruce and Luke Paddington | Trinidad and Tobago 2013 | 1h53m | 15

Forward Ever: The Killing of a Revolution


This special event marks the 40th anniversary year of the Grenada Revolution. Forward Ever is an award-winning documentary that explores the short-lived but influential People's Revolutionary Government (1979-83) of Grenada. The revolution was an ambitious political experiment that ended with the killing of Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and members of his cabinet and the subsequent US invasion. 

The screening will be followed by a discussion with distinguished guests Jacob Ross, (author and editor at Peepal Tree Press), and Professor Richard Drayton (King’s College London), chaired by Lisa Williams, director of the Edinburgh Caribbean Association. The event is by the Edinburgh Centre for Global History, Centre for Research in Modern and Contemporary History and the Edinburgh Caribbean Association.

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