Serotonin 2018

Shehab Satti | Sudan 2018 | 28m | Arabic with English subtitles | 15

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Opening with a sound bridge that slides from the sound of water over to a vast landscape as the nature of memory, the cinematographic relationship between colour and sound is the compelling thread that weaves Shehab Satti’s experimental film Serotonin. This short takes the cinephile on an emotionally engaging journey that spells out existential reflections on lost love, the joy amidst the constancy of a life lived in limbo in which the viewer draws their own subjectivity in relation to the male character’s motivation and resilience to seek the light of his own being.

Serotonin will be free to watch online for the duration of the festival. 

Director Shehab Satti will take part in a live online panel discussion on Monday 23 November. Read an interview with Shehab Satti here

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