Da Yie (Good Night) 2019

Anthony Nti | Ghana 2019 | 20m | Akan, English and French with English subtitles | 15

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Da Yie (Good Night)


Matilda and Prince, two young Ghanaian children, become infatuated with the lavish lifestyle of a stranger who approaches them as they play in the fields of their hometown. After accepting his invitation, the children spend the entire day in the company of the ominous man who spoils them with excessive amounts of food, an expensive video camera and an outing to a nearby beach. However, as night approaches, the ulterior motives of Matilda and Prince’s newfound ‘friend’ begin to surface. Da Yie has recently bagged its Belgian-Ghanaian writer and director, Anthony Nti, the International Grand Prix award at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.

Da Yie will be available to watch for free online for 10 days from 11am on Saturday 31 October. 

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