The Volcano’s Last Wish 2020

Guenny K. Pires | Cape Verde 2020 | 25m | English and Portuguese with English subtitles | 15

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The Volcano’s Last Wish


Like a character of its own, the Volcano rises high above the small village of Fogo in Cape Verde. With storytelling in its simplest and honest sense, this short film marries fact with fiction. It begins as a Grandfather gives his Grandson a film camera, and the lively and pastoral workings of a village and family are combined with composed shots of filmmaking magic. Our young protagonist runs around his hometown, as the village prepares for Grandfather’s birthday celebration, capturing the beauty of tradition, animism and landscape in Fogo. The cycle of life that runs in the village is personified on film, as director Guenny K. Pires shows the culture of a community in an idyllic but far from quaint setting.

The Volcano's Last With will be free to watch online for the duration of the festival. 

Director Guenny K. Pires will take part in a live online panel discussion on Monday 23 November.

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