We Do What We Can 2019

Kwaku Awuku Asabre | United Kingdom 2019 | 8m | Afrikaans and English with English subtitles | 15

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We Do What We Can


Beginning with the cries of childbirth giving way to the cries of new life, We Do What We Can is a testament to the human spirit. With the poetry endowed by parenthood, a couple struggle and strive to make a life in their new circumstances for their infant child. ‘Your start will not recognise your end’: Asabre’s debut film tells of one of the miracles in the journey of Diaspora Africans, a film both personal in production and collective in narrative. His parents are the voice actors, and the film was shot in its entirety 200 meters from his own home. Like Asabre, the young couple in the film lean on the people around them, and from frustration and exhaustion comes hope.

We Do What We Can will be free to watch online for the duration of the festival. 

Director Kwaku Awuku Asabre will take part in a live online panel discussion on Monday 16 November.

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