Habiter Le Monde (Inhabiting the World) 2016

Hamedine Kane | Senegal 2016 | 14m | French with English Subtitles

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Habiter Le Monde (Inhabiting the World)


Habiter le Monde, or Inhabiting the World, navigates the paths crossed and inscribed by refugees, designed and serendipitous alike: harbours, enclaves, deltas, and borders, spaces transformed into places of desolation and detention. The work draws on ancient and modern mythologies of walking - from pilgrimages and diasporas to flâneurisms and derives - as part of its effect. As the artist’s trail presses itself into the grass, into the dust and along the borders of territories and gardens, the film reveals a state in which the mind, body and the world are aligned, as though they were three characters finally in conversation together. Habiter le Monde reveals an immediate method for unfolding stories, of hope, love, play and despair, in order to reclaim the hostile territories and transform them back into fertile ground for life and creativity. Each walk containing its own measure, complete at every point along the way.


This film is presented in partnership with LUX Scotland.

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