Black Mother Film

Kalik Allah | New York/Jamaica 2018 | 1 hour and 17 minutes | English


Khalik Allah offers an alternativism to documentaries, as Black Mother is a living mosaic of people, place and spirituality that stands on unclassifiable terrain. This documentary provides an introspection into the lives and experiences of the residents in Jamaica whose visibility often exists underrepresented, outside of the frame. Their candid oral testimonies filmically layered over their visual portraits synthesise into an audio-visual marriage of poetry. With its title fitting the structure of the film, Black Mother’s formation parallels the trimesters within maternity. Allah flits between a range of formats, from black-and-white 16mm footage to digital video. Black Mother uncovers fascinating links between past and present experiences.Khalik Allah is an American filmmaker and photographer. whose work has been described as “street opera” as it is encompasses the visceral, the beautiful and the sublime.

This film will be followed by a meal, showing an animation by artist Isabel Barfod. This will be a POC only event.

*Why is this event for people of color (POC) only? We understand that arts events are often overwhelmingly white, and sometimes a POC-only event can provide a more comfortable and affirming environment for participants. Thank you for understanding the need for this POC space.


Past Showings

Glasgow / Sat 26 Oct 2019 / 7pm
Sliding Scale / Kinning Park Complex / Book Now