Tchindas Film

Pablo García Pérez de Lara and Marc Serena | Cape Verde 2017 | Cape Verdean Creole with English subtitles | 1h34m | 15


Within a small, tropical Cape Verdean Island, the beloved Tchinda is hard at work preparing for a Carnival she hopes will capture the town’s imagination. Despite her great reputation, Tchinda remains humble and every afternoon she happily tours the neighborhood to sell her best “coxinhas”, a classic Brazilian treat: delicious fried balls of chicken. Filmmakers Marc Serena and Pablo García Pérez de Lara have crafted a lush, perceptive documentary that at times feels akin to a fairy tale. The film reveals a hidden landscape tucked far away from the world we know, where trans inclusion and teamwork make up the fundamental structure of a truly magical community and culture.

Past Showings

Glasgow / Tue 29 Oct 2019 / 6.30pm
Sliding Scale / The Glad Cafe / Book Now