Mother I’m Suffocating, This is My Last Film About You Film

Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese | Lesotho/Qatar 2019 | English and Hebrew with English subtitles | 1h16m | 15


This experimental essay film traces a narrative of migration by a filmmaker in exile, showing a stark snapshot of life on the African continent. Beautifully shot entirely in black and white, Mosese uses powerful close-ups to portray the memories of a generation of people in Lesotho. This poetic voyage traverses between politics, identity and collective memory as a woman bearing a wooden cross on her back sets the trail for a fierce lamentation. The film is a bid of farewell to his homeland, infused with love and rage and exploring the complexities of leaving a place you have called home. 

This screening is presented in partnership with the Race, Rights and Sovereignty series (The Glasgow School of Art and GSA's Students' Association)


Past Showings

Glasgow / Mon 28 Oct 2019 / 6pm
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