Pontes sobre Abismos (Bridges over the Abyss) Film

Aline Motta | Brazil | 2017| 8 mins | Portuguese with English Subtitles

Pontes sobre Abismos (Bridges over the Abyss)


Spurred on by the revelation of a family secret, Aline set off on a journey looking for traces of her ancestors. She traveled to rural areas in Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Portugal, and Sierra Leone, researching public and private archives while creating a counter-narrative of what is generally told about how Brazilian families were formed. Explored themes regarding representation, the notion of belonging and identity in a society that still tries to reckon with its violent history.

This film is being screened as part of The Personal Archive: Back Home.

Past Showings

Glasgow / Thu 31 Oct 2019 / 6pm