Sakawa Film

Ben Asmoah | Ghana- Belgium 2019 | 1h22m | Twi with English subtitles



Following a group of young, ambitious e-scammers, Sakawa looks at the emancipatory potential of this taboo activity. By establishing online relationships with American men, the group buckle down in a rigorous campaign of deception, in order to financially better themselves. From setting up accounts and choosing the right photos, the real work begins when someone goes for the bait. Young mother Ama is a rookie, but with the help from seasoned scammer Francis, she begins fishing for ‘clients’. Sakawa shows a glimpse of the ingenious and resilience of a misunderstood subculture, offering an empathetic insight into the Ghanaian e-scamming community.

Past Showings

Glasgow / Sat 2 Nov 2019 / 8pm
Sliding Scale / Civic House / Book Now