Workshop: Making Pattern, Making Meaning Event

Workshop: Making Pattern, Making Meaning


Fashion scholar Sequoia Barnes leads a participatory workshop in which pattern-making is explored as a form of storytelling and meaning-making, an expression of heritage and even resistance. Inspired by Aiwan Obinyan’s Wax Print and African fashion short films, workshop participants will be invited to share their creations in a brief fashion show following the evening’s screenings. This is a POC only event.*

*Why is this event for people of colour (POC) only? We understand that events, especially in museum spaces, are often overwhelmingly white, and sometimes a POC-only workshop can provide a more comfortable and affirming environment for participants. Thank you for understanding the need for this POC space.

Past Showings

Glasgow / Sat 2 Nov 2019 / 2pm
GOMA Gallery / Book Now