Beyond My Steps + Movement Workshop 2019

Kamy Lara | Angola 2019 | 1h12m | Portuguese with English subtitles | 12

Wednesday 4th November 2020

at 6:00 PM /

Beyond My Steps + Movement Workshop


Kamy Lara’s visceral documentary explores the process behind the creation of the piece “(Des) Construção” by choreographer Mónica Anapaz for the 2017 season of the Contemporary Dance Company of Angola. The film follows five dancers as they interrogate the concepts of tradition, culture, memory and identity, questioning the transformation and deconstruction of these themes in their own lives. Most of them - from other provinces of the country - bring memories and traditions with them when they move to the bustling, erratic and frantic reality of the capital.

The film will be followed by a free online movement workshop with choreographer and cultural producer Sara dos Santos on Wednesday 4 November at 7:30pm. The workshop will take place via Zoom. To register click here.

About the workshop

This is a relaxed, explorative and introductory workshop offering a chance for participants to investigate a full range of body movements, tap into musical rhythms and contemporary sequences. The workshop is suitable for absolute beginners, dance lovers and curious movers. Join Sara for 45mins of joy, a little sweat and pure healing vibes.



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Wednesday 4th November 2020 / 6pm / Online

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