Shorts: Afrodiasporic Dialogues + Discussion Event

Tuesday 17th November 2020

at 7:00 PM /

Shorts: Afrodiasporic Dialogues + Discussion


The construction of a narrativity that engages in dialogue with and about Black issues from an Afro-perspective comes as a breakthrough to the colonial strategy of silencing. The role of the shorts in this package is to help the audience discover the contemporary way of putting your ear on the shell, in order to hear the sea that unites and separates Black people around the world.

The package is curated by Ceci Alves (Mostra de Cinemas Africanos). Join Ceci in a live discussion on our Facebook page* about the films on Tuesday 17 November at 9pm.


*It will also be recorded and uploaded to our Vimeo page within 24 hours of the event.

Included Films

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Tuesday 17th November 2020 / 7pm / Online

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