Kukurantumi: Road to Accra 1983

King Ampaw / Ghana/ Germany 1983 / 83 mins

Kukurantumi: Road to Accra


“Deserves much more critical attention than it has received … A daring and honest portrayal of the mixed outcomes of Ghana’s 1981 People’s Revolution.” – African Studies Review

Telling a small story with a lot of heart and plenty of humour, Kukurantumi – Road to Accrawas the first film trailblasing Ghanaian director King Ampaw made on his return to Ghana from Germany. An oddball comedy of errors filmed in Ampaw’s own hometown,Kukurantumioffers a stark reflection of late 20thcentury Ghanaian life, yet one that never loses sight of his country's vibrancy and essential humanity. 

Addey is a truck driver in rural Ghana, transporting both people and goods of questionable legality between his home village of Kukurantumi and the capital, Accra. Operating in the shadow of the country’s recent coup, where much was promised to the poor but little delivered, Addey’s already hardscrabble life is thrown into chaos when his truck breaks down and he can no longer feed his family. His solution: marry his daughter Abena off to a wealthy businessman. But things go from bad to worse when she flees to Accra with the man she loves.


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Film Africa Film Festival | London | 29 Oct 2017

Melbourne International Film Festival | Melbourne, Australia | 11 Aug 2018