Chronicle of the Years of Embers 1975

Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina / Algeria 1975 / 2h57m

Chronicle of the Years of Embers


The winner of the Palme d’Or at the 1975 Cannes Film Festival – the first and only African film to have received the award – Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina’s stirring, rarely seen epic is an essential big-screen experience.

Algeria’s late colonial history is filtered through the eyes of an impoverished farmer who, in the late 1930s, is forced to leave his drought-stricken land. As the years pass, he is caught in the thick of the Second World War, a typhoid outbreak and, eventually, the beginnings of the struggle for independence.

Chronicle of the Years of Embersis a work on an astonishingly ambitious scale, making use of vast landscapes and a multitude of extras – a high-water mark in Algerian, and African, cinema.

“Probably the only film that dwarfs the spectacle of David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia…a film of matchless visual energy and formidable talent that demands to be seen once more in the world’s cinemas, as intended.” – Bright Lights Film Journal


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