Today (TEY) 2012

Alain Gomis / Senegal/France 2012 / 1h26m / Wolof, French with English subtitles

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Today (TEY)



A stunning performance by rapper and poet Saul Williams (SLAM), here in an almost silent role. Today is the last day of Satché’s life, even though he’s strong and healthy. Walking through Dakar, he bids farewell to his parents, his first love, the friends of his youth, his wife and children. His final moments conjure a sublime joy. A multi-award winning meditation on the meaning of life …. And death. Gomis’ next feature, Félicité, was selected for the Best Foreign Language film competition at the Academy Awards. 

Introduction from the TANO network
Cinema auteur Alain Gomis’s work reflects on existential questions of being, migration and exile. With the poetic TEY, winner of best film at FESPACO 2012, Gomis explores our inevitable and universal final departure - death. TEY evokes utter calm concerning this often tortured theme. Gomis’ extraordinary directorial skill transfers feeling and action almost physically to the viewer. A face massage performed on the hero, to show him what will happen after his death, feels as if it’s happening to you. This magical and sometimes surreal film has left our past festival audiences completely silent, as if in joint meditation, followed by massive applause. 

Watch Q&A with Alain Gomis chaired by Ingrid Sinclair in Afrika Eye 2013 at Watershed cinema (Bristol)

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