Everything Must Fall Film

Rehad Desai | South Africa 2018 | 1h24m | 15

Everything Must Fall


An unflinching look at the #FeesMustFall student movement that burst onto the South African political landscape in 2015 as a protest over the cost of education and morphed into the most militant national revolt since the country’s first democratic elections in 1994. The story is told by four student leaders at Wits University and their Vice Chancellor, Adam Habib, a left-wing, former anti-apartheid student activist. When Habib’s efforts to contain the protest fail, he brings 1000 police on to campus. There are dire consequences for the young leaders: Mcebo Dlamini is arrested and charged with serious offences, Shaeera Kalla is shot 13 times with rubber-coated bullets; others, fearing the involvement of the state security agencies, are forced into hiding.

At the heart of the film sits an intergenerational conflict connecting us to an important contemporary discourse on the conceptualisation of higher education as a public good. 

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Rehad Desai. It will also feed into a roundtable discussion hosted by the journal Critical African Studies(CrAS), on Thursday 13 June, 12.45-14.00.

This screening is part of the ECAS Conference hosted by the University of Edinburgh, but is open to all. 

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