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28th October
6th November
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Chema Ben Chaabene in My Shoes by Anis Lassoued
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Movement (R)evolution Africa

Movement (R)evolution Africa

Joan Frosch, Alla Kovgan | Various 2007 | 1h5m | English, French, Wolof, Portuguese, Japanese, Shona, and Lingala with English subtitles

In an astonishing exposition of choreographic fomentation, nine African choreographers tell stories of an emergent art form and their diverse and deeply contemporary expressions of self. Stunning choreography and riveting critiques challenge stale stereotypes of "traditional Africa" to unveil soul-shaking responses to the beauty and tragedy of 21st century Africa.

This screening will be preceded by: 

She Poems | Aida Colmenero Diaz | South Africa | 2016
She Poems are a series of short experimental films made in collaboration with female artists from across the African continent. The films explore contemporary notions of identity, human rights and empowerment through dance.

These screenings are held in partnership with Project X and the screenings will be followed by two dance workshops for adults on Thursday 10th and Saturday 12th August. In these workshops we will be learning traditional and contemporary dances of the African Diaspora and exploring their cultural connections.


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