Africa in Motion

The Blinds Band
Nollywood Odyssey still
Africa United 2
28th October
6th November
The Dream of a Scene
Mwansa Still
Colours of the alphabet
hope poster

Africa in Motion

Scotland African Film Festival - 2016

Africa in Motion (AiM) is an annual African film festival taking place in Scotland, consisting of film screenings and complementary events. Now in its eleventh year, AiM brings the best of African cinema to Scotland—making it possible for Scottish audiences to engage with African stories and industry professionals from the continent. AiM has established itself as a major annual event within the Scottish cultural calendar, whilst also raising an international profile as one of the leading African art platforms. Over the last 10 years we have screened around 500 African films to over 30,000 people in Scotland since the inauguration of the festival in 2006.

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