Strike For Freedom: Frederick Douglass In Scotland 2020

Parisa Urquhart / Scotland / 15 mins / English / Rating PG

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Friday 22nd October 2021

at 7:30 PM /


Frederick Douglass, a world-renowned author, orator and activist had a major impact on Scotland. His lifelong mission was to 'tell the story of the slave' and when he fled to the UK after exposing his slaveholders’ name and deeds, he fell in love with Scotland and the Scots fell in love with him. At the time the Scots saw Douglass as the icon of the freedom struggle. It’s only now that Scotland is finally acknowledging this. The film highlights world-exclusive information about Frederick Douglass’s family’s involvement, particularly his wife and daughters, conveying the extraordinary and vital female support he had to enable him to do what he did. It also highlights the links Anna Murray-Douglass had with many other female abolitionists including Harriet Tubman.

The Director, Parisa Urquhart, approached Professor Celeste-Marie Bernier of Edinburgh University to film this documentary after Professor Bernier uncovered world exclusive information about Frederick Douglass.

Credit to editor Ling Lee who worked closely with the director on this film.

Photo credit: Edinburgh-based artist, TrenchOne

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