Africa in Motion (AiM) is an annual African film festival taking place in Scotland, that delivers film screenings and complementary events. Now in its sixteenth year, AiM brings the best of African cinema to Scotland—making it possible for Scottish audiences to engage with African stories and industry professionals from the continent. AiM has established itself as a major annual event within the Scottish cultural calendar, whilst also maintaining an international profile as one of the leading African film platforms. The festival caters to a varied and diverse
audience from all over Scotland, the UK and further afield.

Our Vision

A world where African and Black diaspora artists are supported wholly with all the resources they need to experiment and forge their visionary work. We believe that their stories matter and have the power to transform the world.


Our Mission

To empower African and Black artists from the diaspora to take control of their own narrative, celebrate their heritage, and showcase their stories to global audiences. We practice this by curating the very best of African cinema, exploring the depth, complexity and vibrancy of the continent, the people who live there, and the stories it holds, past, present and future.