Africa's Lost Classics

ALC Black 4

Africa's Lost Classics (ALC) is a project that was run in 2017-2018 by Africa in Motion and University of Glasgow, funded through an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and a Glasgow Knowledge Exchange grant. The main aim of the project has been to safeguard the history of Africa's 'lost' classics - films that have been forgotten, neglected or lost. After a successful run of events, these webpages is an archive of information on these films and their invaluable contributions to the rich history of African cinema. The project is rooted in a belief that cinema contributes significantly to the cultural history of the continent. With this project we brought (back) to UK screens some of the greatest African films ever. Old and lost films were rediscovered, and we enabled the restoration of three African women’s films.

A travelling programme continues to include films and events that highlight the rich history of African cinema and continues to tour around the UK and internationally, throughout 2018-2019.

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