For Love 2021

Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor / 13 mins / English / Rating 15

For Love


Nkechi lives happily with her partner Martha, but when immigration officers turn up unexpectedly, they have to make difficult decisions about their future together.

For Love is a piece about the constant search for hope and love while living life as an immigrant. It does not focus on what immigration is or what people have gone through to get there because the film intends to humanise the experience - especially those of undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers. 

Content Notes: This film includes sensitive themes and is geo-blocked to the UK region only.

About the Director 

With a background in theatre and a degree in Creative Writing, Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor (she/her) started producing shorts and music videos as a way to learn, as the cost of Film School was too high. Her work focuses primarily on Queer, Black, and female work. She formed her own way of training by making content outside the industry, including two no-budget feature films, M.L.E and White Colour Black.

In 2016, she was selected for the BFI Flare Mentorship scheme, and in 2019 she produced the hit Blue Story, which became the top-grossing film of its genre. In 2020 she was named a Screen International Star of Tomorrow and a BAFTA Breakthrough.

For Love is Joy’s first short and was made with support from BBC Film. The film received a Best Short Film nomination at BFI London Film Festival, and received an honourable mention at BlackStar Film Festival after winning Best Short at the deadCenter Film Festival. Following on with the themes in the short that are close to Joy’s heart, she has her debut feature in development with the BFI and Producer Emily Morgan.

Past Showings

Glasgow / Saturday 19th November 2022 / 2pm / CCA / Book Now

Friday 11th November 2022 / 6pm for 10 days / Online

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