Immovable Objects 2022

Manu Kurewa / 20 mins / English / Rating 15


Content Notes: This screening is geo-blocked to the UK region only.

Immovable Objects explores the plight of a small family who find themselves forced out of their home at the onset of the Covid pandemic. Following the fortunes of a young mother and her children across a single day, it charts the beauty of the childhood world against the grim reality of what the day brings.

About the Director

Manu Kurewa is a Glasgow-based filmmaker and visual artist who has worked for a number of years both in Scotland and Africa. Some of his short films have received awards at major international film festivals. With his visual arts work, he recently completed an art residency as part of Glasgow Life’s Creative Communities: Artists in Residency programme. His last project was a collaboration with the Gallery of Modern Art to make a film in response to some of the museum’s collections connected to slavery. Manu was part of this year’s Young Film Foundation writers residency, where he worked in association with FilmFour to develop a feature film script. 

Past Showings

Glasgow / Saturday 19th November 2022 / 11am / CCA / Book Now

Glasgow / Friday 18th November 2022 / 11am / CCA / Book Now

Glasgow / Thursday 17th November 2022 / 2pm / CCA / Book Now

Glasgow / Thursday 17th November 2022 / 11am / CCA / Book Now

Friday 11th November 2022 / 6pm for 10 days / Online

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