A Walk in the Dark 2021

Dennis Humphrey Maitha / 18 mins / Swahili / Rating 12


This film is free to watch and is geo-blocked to the UK region only.

A filmmaker, by chance, comes across a young healer but he won’t talk to him unless he takes part in one of his rituals. Out of curiosity he gives in. After all, what has he got to lose?

This film was created as part of the Scottish Documentary Institute's Kenyan Stories programme, in partnership with Docubox and British Council.

About the Director

Dennis Humphrey Maitha is the founder of Black Tronci Films based in Kwale County. He is a film producer, cinematographer, editor and a professional writer.

Past Showings

Friday 11th November 2022 / 6pm for 10 days / Online

Included In

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