Staff Pick: Myriam Mouflih, Programme Coordinator

2nd November 2020


J’ai Tante Aimé (I Loved So Much) follows the life of seventy five year old Fadma, who at the age of twenty, was recruited as sex worker by the French Army during the Indochina war. Telling her life story, Fadma makes the case for recognition as a veteran for her service, detailing her wish for this to be acknowledged with a pension. As Fadma recalls her time in Vietnam, the film reveals how the French Colonial Army used sex strategically in times of war, and illuminates the experience of one of the people who performed this labour.

It’s a really moving portrait of a complex woman as we see throughout the film the struggles that Fadma has faced in her life. I’m always grateful for the opportunity to learn from my elders and this becomes much more important when the stories being told by them are not part of mainstream narratives. The film also reinstated for me the importance of oral history – of knowledge and experience being passed down through voice. I was also struck by the importance of a film like this being made by a female filmmaker with Moroccan heritage and the bravery of discussing what some would still consider a taboo subject.

I was really saddened to hear of Dalila Ennadre’s tragic passing earlier this year but feel really privileged that we are able to provide a platform for this vital film.

By Myriam Mouflih







J’ai Tante Aimé (I Loved So Much) screens in Africa in Motion 2020 from 7pm on Tuesday 3rd November. It will be available to watch for 48 hours.