Inner Visions: Inspiring Diverse Emerging Talent Spotlight

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Inner Visions: Inspiring Diverse Emerging Talent

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This year Africa in Motion presents a new addition to our event series, Inner Visions, drawing reference to the great Stevie Wonder’s renowned album, we are bringing to the fore the inner visions of young people around the UK who are looking to get involved in the creative sector, this event series has particular focus on music and film and the ways in which they complement one another. 

This Inner Visions event series was conceived and curated by Josh Kilimanjaro, Programme Coordinator for Africa in Motion by day and music producer and DJ by night. Josh joined the AiM team through Film Hub Scotland’s New Promoter Scheme to help connect young creatives with African Film across the UK. There are three events in this series:

About the curator

Josh Kilimanjaro is a London-born, Scotland-raised Zambian who cut his creative teeth on the sunny shores of Dundee at DJCAD and then lived Edinburgh and Glasgow before returning to London. Josh has experience in many creative fields. Now focusing on music, the New Promoter opportunity by Filmhub Scotland fit perfectly with his desire to learn new skills and broaden his creative horizons. Working as Programme Coordinator at Africa in Motion, Josh has curated and produced three events as part of the 2021 festival edition; 2 original music commissions that will world premiere at the festival, a Producer Masterclass with award-winning producer Precious Mahaga and a special afternoon conference that will connect young Black and African creatives with some of Scotland’s finest creative agencies.

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Past Showings

Friday 22nd October 2021 / Online

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“My hope is that our audience leaves these events not only inspired to create, but also with genuine opportunities where they are able to pursue their future careers. We aim to challenge the inaccessibility to the creative industries for Black young people, we’ve worked hard to create a valuable offering for them at this year’s festival - whether that be commissioning them to create and showcase their work across established platforms, reaching global audiences and raising their profiles, or hearing from industry professionals about their journeys into the industry.”

- Josh Kilimanjaro, Programme Co-ordinator