Egúngún (Masquerade) 2021

Olive Nwosu / 15 mins / English, Yoruba / Rating 15


In search of healing, a young woman returns home to Nigeria, the country of her birth, where she reconnects with an old childhood friend. 


Content Notes: This film includes sensitive themes and is geo-blocked to the UK and Nigeria only.

About the Director

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Olive Nwosu (she/her) is a BAFTA Pigott 2020 Scholar, Alex Sichel 2020 Fellow at Columbia University School of the Arts, and one of four ‘African Promises 2020’ directors selected by the Institut Français. She is currently in development of her first feature film with Enchanted Isles and Film4. 

Olive's first award-winning short film, Troublemaker (2020), was screened as part of Africa in Motion's Short Film Competition in 2020. With a mission to tell truthful, cinematic, and human-centred stories, Olive's work is informed by the intersectional nature of her life experiences across multiple identities and continents.


Past Showings

Glasgow / Saturday 19th November 2022 / 2pm / CCA / Book Now

Friday 11th November 2022 / 6pm for 10 days / Online

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